If you think the Trust can help you or your loved-one, you can download the form here - or contact the Trust direct and we will arrange to send you a form.

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How To Apply

Who does the Trust help?

  • Unpaid carers who live in Norfolk, of all ages and from all backgrounds.
  • Individual carers whose life is restricted from looking after a relative, partner, friend or neighbour in need of help because of sickness, age or disability of any kind.
  • The Trust can help more than one carer from the same household.
  • Organisations and groups which run projects benefitting carers.

What kind of help does the Trust give?

  • The Trust's help must relate to you as a carer to improve your quality of life.
  • A grant can be given to buy, or contribute towards the cost of:
    • a holiday, short break or outing to help relieve the pressures of caring. 
    • household equipment such as a washing machine, tumble drier, fridge/freezer, dishwasher or television.
    • a computer, laptop or tablet to make school work or adult learning easier, or be a lifeline to the wider world.
    • leisure and social activities
    • home improvements such as carpets, furniture, beds and mattresses, decorating and garden equipment
  • The Trust also provides wheelchair power packs. It is the only source of funding for these in Norfolk for carers who cannot afford to pay for this expensive piece of equipment themselves.
  • The benefit to the carer is always the priority in assessing an application and the Trust is always happy to consider helping in other ways.
  • For carers' groups and organisations, the Trust can help with revenue, capital or expenses for projects which clearly benefit carers in Norfolk. Small community and carers' support groups are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Appropriate applications forms are available by contacting the Trust.

Are there things the Trust cannot help with?

  • Yes. This is because certain items are the responsibility of the local authority or health services.
  • For example:
    • arrears of rent or fuel bills.
    • medical services and equipment.
    • small items of equipment for daily living including fire guards, bath aids and ramps.
    • bills for goods and services already received.
  • The Trust cannot fund mobile phones, driving lessons and car maintenance or repeat items over an extended period. (Social and Health services and the Citizens' Advice Bureau can offer advice about these.)
  • No retrospective grants are made.

What help is available and how often can I apply?

  • The number of applications for help to the Trust has increased dramatically in recent months so some limits have been placed on grants.
  • Normally the maximum grant is £250.
  • The panel will not normally consider requests within three years of a previous grant.
  • Grants made will have a time limit of six months.

How do I apply?

  • If you think the Trust can help, download and print the application form here. Alternatively, contact Norfolk Community Foundation and arrange for a form to be sent to you. Fill in the form and return it to Norfolk Community Foundation.
  • You must get a second person to sign the form. This person must know you and understand your caring role and be able to give a proper opinion about your request. It could be a health of social care worker, your doctor, a teacher, solicitor or minister of religion. A friend, relative or neighbour is not acceptable.
  • If you are not yet 18 years old, you should get help from an older person to fill in the form, but please remember to give us his/her name, address and contact details.
  • You must give details, including the condition, of the person for whom you care.
  • To make a decision, the trustees need to be able to understand exactly what you need and why, the cost and how you would benefit.
  • We do not want to undertake a precise financial assessment but we do need a clear indication of your household’s/family’s financial situation including monthly income.
  • It will also help the trustees to know who you have already approached for help.
  • For more information, please contact us.

What happens to your application?

  • In January 2017, Norfolk Community Foundation was appointed to undertake the management and administration of the Norfolk Millennium Trust for Carers. If it seems likely that you are eligible for a grant, a member of the Grants Team from Norfolk Community Foundation may speak to the person who supported your application or ask you yourself for more information.
  • The Grants Team provides independent assessment of all applications received. Decisions to award grants are made by a panel formed by representatives of the former charity.  
  • Before the panel can give a grant, they have to be sure:
    • of your role as a carer
    • of your financial need
    • that the help you are requesting comes within our guidelines.
  • All information given to the panel is treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Nothing is passed on to anyone else without your permission.
  • The panel have complete discretion in making a decision about a grant in any particular case.
  • You will normally hear within six weeks whether your application for a grant has been successful.
  • If the Trust cannot help, you will receive a written explanation.

Where else can you get information about carers

There are many organisations that support carers in Norfolk but a good starting point is Carers Matter Norfolk, the county support service which is completely free.

Call the Carers Matter Norfolk Advice Line on 0800 083 1148 for information, advice, guidance and listening support.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 4-8pm and Sunday 8am – 12pm

Alternatively email at info@carersmatternorfolk.org.uk or visit www.carersmatternorfolk.org.uk