Meet just a few of the carers we have helped support.

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Other case studies

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E (33) has cared for her eight-year-old son since his birth. He has ADHD and autism. Mum washes many times a day due to his incontinence.

We were able to provide a washing machine.

MP (62) has cared for her husband (72) for more than two years. He has physical mobility problems and impaired cognitive behaviour. She was referred by her Locality Leader at Norfolk Carers Support, who said: “Her role is extremely stressful and leaves her mentally and physically exhausted. Her husband refuses any other help and therefore MP receives no support. This has had a huge impact on her well-being and she is in desperate need of a break away from home and a trip to visit her elderly aunt.”

We paid for the train fare to Plymouth and overnight accommodation so she could enjoy a short break.

LT (61) and her husband have cared for their daughter (32) since birth. She has Down's syndrome and cannot care for herself. LT is a 24/7 carer as her daughter cannot be left alone. Their washing machine had broken down due to excessive daily use. They do not have savings or expendable cash to pay for extras such as holidays, washing machines etc.

We were able to provide one.

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SP (67) cares for her daughter (30) who has been known to mental health services since her early teens, suffering from depression, an eating disorder and self-harm. Since her daughter became acutely unwell her grandchild has been living with them. SP requested a tablet so she could keep in touch with her other daughter in New York and her husband’s family in New Zealand.

We were able to help.


SS (38) cares for her daughter (20) who has ACE bowel condition and urinary problems. Her learning difficulties result in a significantly reduced mental age. She asked for a three/four-day break that we were able to fund.


KW (39) is a single parent caring since his birth for her son (11) who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We paid for some arts and crafts material to enable her to pursue an adult education course. Attending the lessons helps with her loneliness.

JF (41) has for six years cared for her grandmother (98) who is blind and disabled. When her granddad died JF moved in with her grandmother “so she didn’t have to go into a home”. She washes clothes and bed linen daily and was drying them on radiators.

We provided a tumble dryer.