Adult Carer

R is 82. She has been caring for her husband T, 93, for five years.

T is very frail and possibly suffering from dementia (currently being investigated). He also has severe depression, his mobility is quite poor and he frequently falls. They live on £232 per week for the two of them.

Her GP referred her to us, saying: “R suffers from COPD, arthritis and diverticulitis which is worsened by stress. She is very low in mood at present and is monitored by Adult Safeguarding/Mental Health due to risk posed by T. She is unable to relax at home and feels on edge all the time. A short break away would give R some well-deserved rest.

T can be physically and verbally abusive. He is very withdrawn and does not communicate often.”

R asked for a short break away from home and from T to "recharge my batteries as my own health is beginning to suffer".

We paid £250 for her to enjoy a weekend break.